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Faith Arena: Title: Make a step to discover the whole staircase 

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There are a lot of opportunities in life; until such opportunities are attacked, they remain covered and nonexistent.

In many cases, the environment one comes from influences the cognitive, emotional, and psychomotor development of that person. These three elements come together to make exploits in human life and produce a better formation of oneself to reach the set goals and ambitions.

This indicates that for one to initiate something, it  must start from the cognitive (mind), but this mind has some factors that can limit a person’s way of thinking. When it is set in the right environment and encouraged by suitable factors, it can be free to make the whole body move to make a step.

In the Bible, in 1 Samuel chapter 2, Hannah was mocked due to her inability to conceive a child. This mockery had a very bad influence on her; psychologically( cognitive), socially(emotional)  and physically (psychomotor).

The environment made her feel odd among humans. At that moment, I believe the mind was set on so much negativity that could have ended up in death, but she set her mind in a different dimension by taking a step to seek the Lord. She didn’t see the whole staircase but rather a step. The step she saw led her to climb the whole staircase.

Brethren, What are you going through now? What do you want to start right now? What is discouraging you from taking that step?

Hannah had these elements that made her see the whole staircase:

The step of faith in the Lord: She believed that all her answers could be found in Christ, which is why she kept going to the House of God. I believe at that time she had been reading the scriptures to know what God had done in their days. For us, a lot of testimonies have been heard and preached, so let those testimonies strengthen us and light the life in us.

The step of perseverance: she did not see the whole staircase but continued to seek God by petitioning Him each day for a child without discouragement. Brethren, some steps may be slippery, but with strategic stepping by the Holy Ghost, you can make it to the top of the staircase.

The step of determination: she never allowed obstacles to discourage her—mockery, stigmatization, slander, etc.—to push her from taking a step because she knew what God could offer her.

The step of commitment: She was committed to her goal. Some of us, when we pray for something and there is a little delay, we change our prayer topics and don’t pray for such topics again, even though we made the step. You must be persistent on your prayer topic, like the widow and the Judge in Luke 18.

The step of clearing the Peninnahs:
Hannah was able to deal with her opposers and stood strongly with a focused mindset without heeding the negative and crashing words from the priest and her rival. There are some people you need to exclude from your life since they don’t share the same beliefs and principles as you. Theirs is to seek your stagnation and retrogression.

To sum up, Hannah was able to overcome the challenges that were mounted against these elements discussed through Faith, determination, perseverance, and commitment. If you want your dreams to be realistic and live by them, then take the step to see the whole staircase.

By Elder Joseph Dartey, The Church of Pentecost – Abuakwa Area, Toase District – Central Assembly

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