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Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku pays a surprise visit and supports the aged in Ledzokuku

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Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku, the esteemed Member of Parliament for the Ledzokuku constituency, surprised residents of Ledzokuku with a heartfelt visit to show support for the elderly residents. Accompanied by a team of volunteers, the MP made his way through the community, spreading smiles and offering assistance to those in need.

The visit aimed to bring joy and relief to the elderly population, who often face various challenges and may find themselves isolated due to their age or health conditions. Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku believes in the importance of ensuring the wellbeing and inclusion of all community members, regardless of age.

During his visit, the MP took time to engage in conversations with the elderly, listening to their concerns and offering his support and guidance.

Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku emphasized the significance of mental and emotional well-being. He encouraged the elderly residents to stay connected with their families and friends, provided information on available social services, and assured them of his continued support.

The visit was met with overwhelming gratitude and appreciation from the elderly community members. They expressed their delight at the MP’s visit and praised his commitment to the welfare of the residents of Ledzokuku.

Hon. Benjamin Narteh Ayiku’s surprise visit exemplifies his dedication to serving the community and his determination to uplift the lives of the elderly. His compassionate actions have left a lasting impact, not only on the recipients but also on the entire community, inspiring unity and solidarity.

The Ledzokuku constituency is fortunate to have such an empathetic and proactive Member of Parliament who continues to make a positive difference in the lives of its residents.

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