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“I nearly got blind from shooting movies at night”


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Kofi Adu, better known in the entertainment industry as Agya Koo, a popular Ghanaian actor, and comedian, has disclosed why he quit filming night sequences in movies.

Some Kumawood movie producers and directors reported that Agya Koo stopped filming night sequences when they were on-site, while others ascribed it to hubris, claiming he assumed the sector was devoid of competition.

In an interview with Kumasi-based Angel FM Entertainment Show presenter Ike De Unpredictable, Agya Koo responded to these charges by saying, “I stopped filming night sequences in a movie because I was getting blind.” My eyes were affected by the light used to photograph night sequences, and I had some eye difficulties as a result. “

“I informed the producers what I was going through, and they said they’d attempt to help me by removing night shots from my filming scenes to safeguard my eyes.”

“I leave everything to God because it appears that when I speak the truth, people constantly misunderstand me, but God will undoubtedly fight for me.” Agya Koo revealed, “One day the truth will come out, and the world will know about the awful treatment I suffered from several producers.”

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