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I quit teaching due to hunger, the salary was so poor – Kissi Agyebeng


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Special Prosecutor, Kissi Agyebeng has disclosed reasons why he exited the teaching profession, although he feels it is his God-given talent

According to the former University of Ghana Faculty of Law lecturer, he quit the classroom because teachers are paid paltry salaries in the country despite their unadulterated commitment towards their work.

He indicated in an interview with Peace FM on Thursday, September 30, 2021, that the salaries of teachers in Ghana need to be revised.

He noted that what teachers and lecturers receive at the moment is nothing to write home about and that they are unable to live a meaningful life.

 “I can tell you on authority that lecturers’ salary at the University of Ghana is not up to 100 dollars a month.
How much is the dollar now to the cedis? So even if a lecturer at Legon is paid GHS5000 what can he do with it.

“If they had paid us well I would have stayed in the classroom to teach. 

“What is the use if you are lecturing and hungry at the same time, you can’t even buy a bicycle for yourself? I decided that I won’t continue to lecture at Legon and be hungry.

“When I taught for fifteen years I never applied for a bungalow even though I was entitled to it. I was determined to build my own house and some of my Professor friends were even asking whether I was normal.”

Kissi Agyabeng replaced Martin Amidu as the Special Prosecutor.


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